Iconic Hikes in Washington

Hikes in Washington

If you are looking for some good hikes in Washington, you should consider taking on Mount Rainier Trail. This trail is only a little over 30 miles from Seattle and is one of the best hiking trails in the state. It is not only breathtakingly beautiful, but is also relatively easy to complete. It is also an excellent choice for people with a limited time or budget.

Lake Twenty-Two

The Lake Twenty-Two Trail is about an hour’s drive northeast of Seattle. It winds through alpine wetlands and old growth forest. The well-maintained boardwalk and stairs make it a family-friendly hike. Although the trail is not an easy climb, even younger children should be able to complete it.

To enjoy Lake Twenty-Two, you must first get a Northwest Forest Pass. It’s available at sporting goods stores or at ranger stations. Or you can buy one online and print it out before you begin your hike. This hike takes about three to four hours. It is accessible from Seattle via the Mountain Loop Highway.

The trail is mostly easy, but the final approach to the lake can be slippery. On a clear day, you can view Mount Pilchuck from the lake. The trail follows a well-maintained wooden path, and you can explore unofficial trails to the right of the lake. The trails are narrow, and the rocks can be slippery.

Lake to Lake Trail

The Lake to Lake Trail is one of the most beautiful hikes in Washington, and can be a challenging one as well. The hike begins at a saddle on the mountainside and descends to the lake below. At the top, hikers get a beautiful view of Mount Rainier.

Hikers of all levels will enjoy Wallace Falls, a series of nine falls that make this hike very scenic. The area also offers excellent biking, fishing, and climbing opportunities. Hikers should stay on the trail around the lake to prevent erosion. This hike is one of the most popular mountain trails in the Seattle area. Hikers can also camp nearby, and Mason Lake is another excellent spot for a swim.

The Lake to Lake Trail is a 10 mile long trail that connects nine parks. It is accessible from several different locations and features waterfalls, creeks, wetlands, and old-growth forests. The trail is also lined with blueberry fields and is a wonderful place to watch wildlife. You can also bike or ride a horse along the lakefront.

Lovers Lane Trail

Hikers who are looking for an easy hike can try the Lovers Lane Trail in Port Angeles, Washington. The 5.5-mile trail is shaded and has several waterfalls to admire. The trail can be done counter-clockwise or clockwise. It climbs 428 feet and drops 434 feet, making it a great option for those who want a moderately strenuous hike.

This trail follows the Sol Duc River upstream to the scenic Sol Duc Falls. It starts out relatively flat but quickly gets steeper as you continue upstream. During the summer, the trail is busy, but it is less crowded in the off-season. Hikers can enjoy the view of the waterfalls from the trailhead.

Hikers can also check out the 5.5-mile Lover’s Lane Trail loop. It passes Sol Duc Falls on the way and includes a side trail to check out the Upper Falls. Here, the water cascades down an impressive 13-foot rock wall.

Mailbox Peak

If you are looking for a great hike in Washington, you should consider hiking Mailbox Peak. This popular hike is located near the city of Seattle. It has a long and steep trail, but you’ll be rewarded with beautiful views of the surrounding area. Bring plenty of water and a snack.

Mailbox Peak is located in the Marine West Coast climate zone. This means that most weather fronts originate in the Pacific Ocean and travel towards the Cascade Mountains. This forces moisture up the Cascades, creating a high rainfall and snowfall climate on the west side. Heavy snowfall can cause avalanche danger.

Mailbox Peak is a popular hike during the winter. Although the trail is steep, the avalanche risk is low, and plenty of foot traffic keeps the trail well-packed. You’ll need to bring a 40-pound pack.

Woody Trail

Hikers looking for an out-and-back hike in the mountains of Washington can try one of the popular Woody Trail hikes. This 5.7-mile trail covers about 13,000 feet of elevation gain and is rated as hard. The hike is popular with families and hikers with a good level of fitness.

The hike begins at the Wallace River Trail and follows the river. After a half-mile marker, the trail forks. Take the Woody Trail to extend your hike to the Wallace River Trail. It has a wider path and is bike-accessible. You can also try out the Railroad Grade trail, which is also bike-accessible.

The Woody Trail is slightly shorter than many other Washington hiking trails, with fewer elevation gains. You will find magnificent forest views along the way. Hikers will also discover nine waterfalls on this trail.

Upper Falls

If you are looking for waterfall hikes, Washington State is the state to go to. You will find many state parks and federal lands where you can find some of the best Washington waterfall hikes. To access these lands, you can purchase a Washington State Discover Pass, which gives you access to all the state’s state parks and lands managed by the Department of Natural Resources. You can also purchase a Federal America the Beautiful Annual Pass, which gives you access to all federally owned recreational lands.

The Storm King Trail is another hiking option that will take you to the base of the falls. It is a short and wheelchair accessible hike to this spectacular Washington waterfall. The trail goes along the river and offers spectacular views of the falls. You will also be able to hike along a walkway that leads to different viewing platforms. From the lower observation deck, you can view the waterfall from different angles.

This hike will require a bit of physical fitness because it is a scramble. But the views are worth it. It is definitely one of the most popular Washington waterfall hikes, especially during the summer and fall. The trail is busy during the summer months, but it is quieter during the winter and spring months. If you are hiking in the winter, you should bring snowshoes and winter hiking boots. These items will provide you with better traction while you are hiking up the inclines.

La Push Second Beach

If you are in the mood for a short hike and spectacular views, the La Push Second Beach hike is for you. A short drive from Seattle, this coastal hike will reward you with a beautiful landscape of the Pacific Northwest. The scenery includes wind tunnels, tall sea stacks and kelp-strewn driftwood. The hike is best done when the tide is at its lowest and the beach is empty. It is also best to start early on a weekend when parking is plentiful.

The Second Beach trail is located near La Push, a small village with several restaurants and resorts. Summer is the most popular time to visit La Push and the Washington beaches. The temperatures are mild to warm, but rain and thunderstorms can be possible, as well as fog. If you plan to hike overnight, make sure you purchase a Wilderness Camping Permit.

La Push’s Second Beach is part of Olympic National Park. A series of pristine beaches flank the town, with the longest and most picturesque stretching south of town. The rocky headlands and dramatic sea stacks are popular with photographers. The beach is also perfect for long walks and picnics. Camping on the beach is also possible, and wilderness permits are required for all overnight stays.

Mount Rainier

If you are in the mood for a day hike, there are several options for Mount Rainier hikes in Washington. If you are a family or you are just looking for a gentle stroll through the woods, the Trail of the Shadows is the perfect choice. The trail is easy to follow and features hot springs and restrooms. The trail also features an interpretive trail and picnic tables.

Aside from the easy trails, Mount Rainier is also home to some challenging hikes. There is the 93-mile Wonderland Trail, which is recommended for hikers with extensive experience. Hikers in good physical condition can tackle this trail, which takes five to 10 days. Despite its large size, the trail is easy to navigate and offers breathtaking views.

One of the easiest hikes in Mount Rainier National Park is the Grove of the Patriarchs trail, which is an easy one to navigate with children. It passes among tall trees and has a suspension bridge. It also offers plenty of shade and is family-friendly.